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Cultivium originally started in 2012 and picked up momentum with time.It sprungs from the word culture if not 'cultivate' and started with an app involving different cultural aspects of Mauritian life.We also specialise in business transforming by providing business development services and digital transformation packages.




Advantal Technologies  —  ISO 9001 certified software development company in India.

World Experience Campus—The leading tertiary experiential learning school of universal experience

Barclays Bank — Incubated since 2016 through the elev8,Barclays bank has been at the forefront of partnering with cultivium at its best.




2012 : Creation

2013 : Joined the Ebene Accelerator

2014 : Development & Iteration

2015 : Founder Pinned amongst 150 worldwide innovators by Telecom world

2016 : Incubated by Barclays Mauritius

2017 : Recipient of  the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program



Launch of Barclays Incubator  ION News

Metissages — MBC Tv

The Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship ForumLe Defi Media Group